Only_JrNTR_FansBlue media and a big section of YSR Congress leaders often speak as if they love NTR forever. Every now and then, they rake up the issue of the rifts between NTR and the Nandamuri family/TDP and also try to egg differences saying that NTR is the real heir of TDP and injustice is being meted to him.

As a result of this propaganda, a small section of NTR fans develop hatred for TDP and love for Jagan.

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Even though it is not yet time for NTR’s political debut, they are made to believe injustice is happening to NTR.

They call themselves Only NTR fans and criticize TDP and Nandamuri family while supporting Jagan in politics.

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This section of fans behaves as if this media and these leaders will leave everything and support NTR when he forays into politics.

But the blue media exposed itself. They have been airing conspiracy theories about NTR upset about losing out the Oscar and is frustrated so much. They are trying to portray NTR as an unrealistic and award-mongering actor.

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On one side, they use NTR for their political gains and on the other side, they are trying to curb his growth as a star.

This section of fans should come out of the hallucination that the Blue media or the YSR Congress leaders like Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi are really concerned about NTR.

They are unable to tolerate NTR’s growth as a star. Just imagine how they will bay for his blood if he arrives in politics.

Coming to the point that NTR is frustrated about losing the Oscar. NTR is one actor who underwent a lot of struggle in life. He is known for his maturity and clarity of thought. That is always evident when he speaks in public.

It is silly if someone says NTR was so unrealistic about the Oscar that he got frustrated. He may have hoped but it is silly that he is so unrealistic having seen him over the years.