ys jagan - ysrcpThe MPTC, ZPTC elections have concluded in Andhra Pradesh. On expected lines, YSR Congress won the majority seats because TDP has decided to boycott the elections. A majority of the seats won by YSR Congress are unanimous seats and everyone is aware of how they happen.

On the other side, a few TDP leaders have contested defying the party high command but their hands are tied with the party leadership staying away from the election campaign. This is a victory which gives no pride to the Ruling Party.

But then, the Blue Media and YSR Congress Social media is desperately trying to amplify it conveniently not telling people it is a race which is run only by a single person. The elections have happened in April but the results got delayed to court cases. In fact, YSR Congress is lucky that the elections did not happen now.

The results would be embarrassing to the party given the Government got itself into severe mess in the last few months. If not for an Opposition victory, the results would have been neck to neck. The Blue Media is trying to amplify the victory as if the elections happened with the Opposition in fray so that people forget the anti-incumbency.