YS-Jagan-Pawan-KalyanYS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Government seems to be blinded by power and is scoring a series of self-goals for no reason and giving an edge to the opposition.

It all started with the ruckus created during Pawan Kalyan’s Vishakapatnam tour and until, the road-widening works in Ippatam village the other day.

Ippatam is a small village with less than 5000 population. Widening 70 feet road to 120 feet is a kind of joke. The villagers giving land for the Janasena meeting in March and Pawan Kalyan celebrating his Birthday with that villagers are the reasons for these development works.

After the demolitions, a similar drama happened when Pawan Kalyan decided to tour the village.

The Government tried to foil Pawan Kalyan’s Ippatam trip despite knowing that they can not arrest him. Pawan Kalyan may have simply completed his trip if allowed but the drama Government created made the issue big.

These back-to-back incidents may satisfy the ego of those in power.

But will get maximum media exposure to anti-Government news and will portray the Opposition in a positive manner. Sometimes, the Opposition need not do anything. The Governments themselves give chances for them to grab.