jr-ntr-fancy-carUpon the judgement of Supreme Court, all the cities in the country have let go black films and heavily tinted glasses so as to decrease the crime rate. RTA officials and Traffic Police have strictly enforced the role and even hefty fined some of the VIPs for using them most recent being Jr.NTR. However with mercury levels soaring, black films and heavily tinted glasses have comeback.

Police and officials are also being lenient in checking over the past month since the heat has doubled. Car owners are opting for them since it is the cheapest and quickest option to keep the car cool. The tinted glasses would cost very high but the films are available between 1500 and 4000.

However Cyberabad Police say there is no increase and the vehicles with back films only account for a minimum 2% and even those we remove on the spot during checks. Also, tinted glasses are there in only a handful of luxury cars and are not easy to get. The tinted glasses and films will make even big comeback with harsher May arriving.