500 and 1000 Notes  Back Door Ways Use Black MoneyBlack Money Holders are finding innovative ways to change their Banned 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes. Interestingly, they are using Central Government services to do that. The Union Government has announced that Indian Railways will accept these notes so that passengers are not at the inconvenience.

The Black Money holders are booking First AC seats on long distance trains which are usually costly and they will be canceled later to get new notes. For an instance, First AC tickets on Trivandrum Rajdhani express costs about 8000 per seat. All these seats were booked for the next four months.

Interestingly, the demand on this train is never that great and also the Second AC and Third AC seats on this train are still available which reveals the actual reasons behind this sudden surge of demand. They will only lose paltry amounts in cancellation as the train journey is still a long way to go.