Suresh prabu chandrababu naiduBJP high command is planning to nominate Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to Rajya Sabha from Andhra Pradesh through TDP quota. However the anti-TDP and anti-Naidu group in BJP are not at all happy with this decision of the high command and see that benefiting TDP. Center is in favour of giving Railway Zone to AP and are planning to announce it just before the GVMC elections.

BJP State Unit is keen on having that as their own achievement. But TDP nominating Suresh Prabhu will give them a chance that they have traded a Rajya Sabha seat for the Special Railway Zone and that achievement may go in to TDP’s account. BJP State Leaders reportedly tried to get in touch with Amit Shah with this concern.

But it is learnt that the decision is almost taken and Suresh Prabhu will be filing his nomination on Tuesday. BJP State leaders want AP nomination to be changed. They asked Ram Madhav to be fielded in TDP quota but Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu confirmed to Amit Shah that his party can not nominate Ram Madhav who is trying to break TDP-BJP alliance always.