BJP-Wary-About-KCR's-National-AmbitionsMedia Reports suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had extended help to Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao in ensuring elections to the state in November along with the three other states. Even though the Election Commission is mandated to hold the elections, Center will definitely influence the decision to some extent.

KCR had accepted to co-operate with BJP in Parliament elections and later if necessary. But then, Modi will have his doubts given that KCR has the history of dumping Congress just after the Bifurcation. Also, BJP leaders feel that there is more than what the eye meets in this proposal of KCR. They suspect that KCR is looking for a bigger role at the center after finishing the Assembly Elections.

“KTR is likely to be made the Chief Minister and KCR will go ahead with his Federal Front Proposal after that. He will have a good six months time to prepare. If there is a neck to neck fight between NDA and UPA, there is no guarantee that he will tilt towards NDA since he is keen on having the support of the Minorities,” a BJP Leader said.

Telangana has the highest Muslim Minorities Population in the country only after Jammu and Kashmir. Roughly 15% of the Telangana Population are minorities. So, KCR will not resort to BJP unless there is no chance for UPA to come back to Power, BJP feels. Modi is already short of Partners in Andhra Pradesh (at least open partners) and does not want to leave out Telangana as well. So, he seems to be taking the calculative risk with KCR.