BJP Wants Naidu to Gift Power in a Platter to Jagan?BJP which is the alliance partner of TDP in Andhra Pradesh seems to have big plans about 2019 elections. Buoyed by the electoral success across the country, the saffron party is keen to extend its sway in AP as well. The party competed in just 15 seats in the last elections and managed to win only three.

Now, the party is gearing to demand a whopping 80 seats from TDP if the delimitation happens. This will come as a big shock to TDP as giving 80 seats to BJP will mean giving 70 seats minimum if not more to YSR Congress without any contest.2019 is going to be a triangular contest between TDP, YSR Congress and Jana Sena in which every seat counts.

Chandrababu Naidu for sure can not accommodate BJP’s unreasonable demands. On the other side, BJP is skeptical about allying with TDP (TS) in Telangana. But TDP clears wants in the alliance in both the states. 2019 is going to be very interesting for sure!