Pawan-Kalyan-met-Amit-ShahBJP and Janasena has announced that it was unanimously decided to field a candidate from the Saffron party in the upcoming Tirupati By-election. This has ended the high drama of around three months between the coalition partners. BJP right from the start is clear that it would contest the seat no matter what and entered the ground not caring about what Janasena says.

After initially appearing like he will contest at any cost, Pawan Kalyan gave in at the last minute like in the case of GHMC Elections. After the meeting, Janasena released a press note that BJP is given a chance because the high command promised all round development with the help of the Central Government.

Pawan Kalyan also mentioned that only BJP can rein the attacks on temples and opposition candidates like in the case of local elections. These reasons sounded too lame even for the fans and supporters. This brings everyone to a question if the Central Government will not develop Tirupati if Janasena contests and wins there.

And another question if BJP can not rein the ruling party without Tirupati Loksabha seat or by leaving it to Janasena. These so called sacrifices election after election is making Janasainiks impatient. 2019 has been a disaster for Janasena. It is imperative that Janasena contests and put up a good show.

These back to back sacrifices will send a message that Janasena is no longer a serious contender in AP politics. BJP itself is a miniscule in AP politics and if it is playing the dominant role in the alliance one can imagine the impression of the people on Janasena. This arm-twisting of BJP will not augur well for that party as well.

By not adopting the Give and Take policy, it is burning the bridges and will make sure the Votes Transfer will not happen seamlessly. They may convince Pawan Kalyan but it is not easy with the Janasena supporters.This will be deterrent to the future elections. Hopefully better sense will prevail sooner or later on both the sides.