Narendra_Modi_Pawan_KalyanBJP seems to be making a last bid attempt to retain Pawan Kalyan on their side. It is more or less confirmed that Janasena is looking for an alliance with TDP.

But Pawan Kalyan wants BJP as well in the alliance. BJP, on the other side, does not want such an alliance because of its secret understanding with YSR Congress.

Any alliance of TDP and Janasena can potentially dethrone Jagan Mohan Reddy.

To stop Pawan Kalyan, BJP has made an offer of officially announcing Pawan Kalyan as the Chief Minister candidate of the coalition.

BJP hopes that Janasena will be tempted to stay or can make similar demand to TDP. In such a case, TDP will automatically severe its ties with Janasena.

But the question is if BJP is underestimating Pawan Kalyan.

Do they think Pawan Kalyan is innocent to believe he can become CM if announced by BJP as the CM candidate? Or if Pawan Kalyan is not aware of his real strength and make unreasonable demands to TDP?

This type of desperate measures will only expose BJP to Pawan Kalyan.