BJP to support bill only after deep study!

The crucial Telangana Bill is all set to be tabled in Rajya Sabha in couple of days. The Congress party do not have sufficient numbers to the pass the bill and in such case, the support of opposition party, BJP is crucial for the bill. However, BJP is still not clear about its stance on the bill as it do not want to give Congress a life line just before the elections in Telangana region. However, BJP policy is always in favour of Telangana and creation of other smaller states. So, BJP is dillydallying on the issue every day.

Recent statement of BJP senior leader Venkaiah Naidu indicates a shift on Telangana promise. “We are committed to Telangana promise. But our support to the bill will be confirmed only after in-depth study of the bill”, Naidu said. “Except for Polavaram issue, Government did not heed to any of our recommendations which will be helpful to do justice for both the regions. Several key issues like revenue sharing, New capital etc are not addressed. We will take all these in to consideration”. These remarks by Venkaiah Naidu are further complicating the issue.