BJP tilting towards Samanyayam stand

Is Bharatiya Janta Party going far from its unconditional support to stand Telangana Bill? Yes says the recent incidents. Last two days witnessed BJP Prime Minister candidate, Narendra Modi, BJP Floor leader in Rajya Sabha, Arun Jaitley and BJP state president, Kishan Reddy speaking about addressing Seema Andhra people fears and doubts. Their statements are indicating a possible shift towards ‘Samanyayam’ stand taken by Telugu Desam Party.

Modi mentioned that BJP handled state bifurcation in such way both the region people had party when separated but Congress totally messed Telangana issue. Political Analysts say BJP will have no benefit if it supports the Telangana bill moved by Congress. This will only strengthen Congress in the region which is totally unwanted for them. It is also told that BJP is also considering stalling the bill some how and go to elections with state bifurcation in the best interests of both the regions. They reportedly also ordered Sushma Swaraj and Kishan Reddy not to speak of unconditional support to Telangana.