AP Special Status Bill,AP Special Status Bill BJP,AP Special Status Bill BJP Support,AP Special Status Bill BJP Members,AP Special Status Bill BJP PartyBJP supporters in Andhra Pradesh are facing tough times day by day as the party is steering itself into troubled waters in the state. It is already tough for the supporters trying to defend going back on Special Status promise and now its conduct in the Rajya Sabha when the Private Member Bill voting is due, is further disturbing.

BJP is just replicating the behaviour of Congress during the bifurcation without paying any heed to the sentiments of the people back in the state. The supporters have become nonvocal seeing the party kill itself from a comfortable position in the state. If this goes on, forget about making a significant stride, the party may not find alliance partner for the next elections.

“We are very frustrated to see this happen. We (supporters) have to be shameless of epic proportions to defend the party’s stance now. What is more irritating is that Congress is offered a lifeline after being totally killed in the state,” said a party supporter who previously worked as IT cell member of BJP before 2014 elections.