BJP_Vishnuvardhan_ReddyAP BJP Unit is worried about defections ahead of the elections. Senior Leader and Former BJP President Kanna Lakshminarayana is leaving the party and may join Janasena.

The party is now worried that Kanna’s exit may trigger a mass exodus from the party.

BJP State Vice-President Vishuvardhan Reddy warned other parties on this occasion.

“Those parties who are luring our leaders should be careful. They will be off Andhra Pradesh’s political scenario. TDP and YSR Congress are doing unethical things to grab our leaders,” he warned.

But Vishnu’s warnings are unlikely to have an impact.

BJP grabbed many leaders from TDP offering them safety from YSR Congress’s harassment.

We have seen it has merged TDP’s Rajya Sabha unit into itself immediately after the 2019 elections.

Most of the leaders who joined the BJP took temporary asylum in BJP until the elections.

They are clear that they have no political future in BJP except for nominated posts.

It is quite common that they will exit the party before the elections. But if Vishnu says big words like unethical etc, there is nothing more comical. They did that previously and will obviously at the receiving end.

It is interesting to note that Vishnu did not comment anything about Janasena who is going to join Kanna Lakshminarayana.