Bjp's-Struggle-to-Clean-the-Intimate-MessBJP aspirers in Assam are really confused with the shock that the received when they were in search of their party’s website to get the appropriate information on the government’s insights and plans. They were lead to porn content of the party’s website instead of the government’s plans and procedures.

The Assam BJP officials have filed a complaint with cyber police that their former party domain is being used by Russian porn developers. The domain was not in use since it was expired and suddenly the netizens found porn on the same ID which was registered again for the adult content broadcasting by the current owners.

The current and actual URL of Assam BJP is and the cyber crime officials were requested to either delete or block the website to avoid negative propaganda over the respectful party. The officials have registered the complaint and investigating the issue to take proper action. The party is in such a hurry to clean this intimate mess. Sounds funny, but fatal if not taken action immediately.