Amit shah rejected appointment o somu veerrajuBJP Leaders seem to have started a jugglery of words regarding the Privatization of the Vishaka Steel Plant. The Party’s President, Somu Veerraju says the Central Government never said it will privatize the steel plant.

“This is a manufactured protest by Chandrababu Naidu and Communists,” Somu Veerraju said. Another Senior Leader, GVL Narasimha Rao says the issue was brought only to trouble BJP politically. “There is no sense in protesting when the Center is yet to take a decision on the Privatization,” GVL said.

Employee Unions allege that BJP leaders are resorting to Jugglery of words in saving face on the Privatization issue just like how they did on the Special Status issue. “The FM mentioned it in her Budget speech and Union Cabinet also approved it. BJP leaders should stop confusing the public. If there is no such proposal, why did the same leaders go to Delhi and give representations to those Delhi bosses?” the unions say angrily.

“Let the Prime Minister make a statement that it is not happening. We will stop all our protests and do Palabhishekam to PM and all BJP Leaders,” they say.