BJP Sends Feelers of Compromise With Shiv SenaAfter TDP deserting NDA and several other allies sending similar feelers, some sane mind seems to be prevailing in BJP bosses. BJP is offering a patch-up deal to Shiv Sena offering the post of deputy chairman of the Rajya Sabha.

The post of deputy chairman will fall vacant as incumbent PJ Kurien of Congress will complete his Rajya Sabha term shortly. If at all Shiv Sena declines this offer, BJP will put up its own candidate for the crucial post and is not keen on giving it to the Opposition.

Shiv Sena already announced fighting the coming elections independently. It may have to share a larger chunk of seats to BJP if it accepts BJP’s olive branch. After TDP with five MPs pulled out, the Shiv Sena and Akali Dal are the second largest BJP allies in the Rajya Sabha with three seats each.