BJP President Amit Shah to Camp in Telangana!BJP President Amit Shah’s Telangana Tour is now confirmed. Amit Shah will be camping in Telangana for three days in the third week of May. Along with the tour of Hyderabad Parliamentary Constituency, the BJP President will tour the districts as well.

On the other side, Ruling TRS Leaders will also be eagerly waiting for this tour to know BJP High Command’s opinion on the proposed Muslim Reservations. Telangana Assembly will pass that in a Special Session which happens on Sunday.

Muslim Reservation issue will land in Center’s court as these reservations will be above the allowed quota of 50%. Center should bring it under the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution by using powers under 31 (B) of the Constitution. This section of Constitution gives powers to the center to protect the laws made by State Legislatures like in the case of Tamil Nadu.