BJP Prefers Pawan Kalyan Over JaganJanasena party has served an ultimatum to BJP about its alliance. Pawan Kalyan believes that BJP is hobnobing with Jagan and he would not want the party if that does not change.

He asked the BJP high command to give a road map to defeat Jagan or indicated that he has his options open. He also indicated an alliance with TDP saying that he will not allow the anti-government vote to split.

But then, BJP seems to be not interested in leaving Jagan. “As of now, Janasena is our alliance partner. But if situation arises, we will not hesitate to contest alone,” BJP President Somu Veerraju said in Paderu, the other day.

This statement alone implies that BJP does not want to severe its secret ties with Jagan and is ready even to sacrifice its relationship with Pawan Kalyan.

Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan is going to attend a crucial meeting of Janasena in Mangalagiri tomorrow. Let us see if he will give further clarity on this.