modi cheats andhra peopleIs BJP spilling its water in hand expecting the rains from the sky? Yes says the people in Andhra Pradesh and even the political experts. The Saffron party which is in power at the centre enjoys considerable image in Andhra Pradesh and is also sharing power with a reliable partner, TDP. However for some reason, BJP is ignoring TDP and Andhra Pradesh and is keen on wooing Telangana people and TRS party.

For an instance, The Central government had allocated 100 Crore for AP and 50 Crore for Telangana for the upcoming Godavari Pushakaralu. The truncated state is heavily dependent on these funds for conducting them. But Center is delaying the release of funds for various reasons. But Telangana’s funds were deposited in the government account couple of weeks back.

On Friday, Center released the list of 100 smart cities, it is normal for TDP and AP to expect more number of cities of them in their list due to ‘their’ government. But Center had chosen four cities of AP for this scheme and five from Telangana. Importantly, they have missed out Vishakapatnam from the list. Vishakapatnam is the sitting seat of BJP where its candidate defeated YSRCP honorary President, Vijayamma. AP people and TDP are very angry at BJP’s misplaced priorities.