Chandrababu-Naidu,-Keep-Anna-Canteens-Away-from-Unnecessary-Add-OnsIf the reports emerging are to be believed, BJP is keen to move No Confidence Motion on TDP Government. The party which has just three MLAs in AP Assembly is seeking the support of Main Opposition Party, YSR Congress for that.

BJP is keen on teaching Chandrababu Naidu a lesson for moving the No Confidence Motion against the Central Government. But for that the support of YSR Congress which has stopped coming to the house is necessary.

Such a step will be suicidal for YSR Congress as it will expose the nexus between both the parties which will be detrimental for the electoral prospects. On the other side, BJP is saying that some disgruntled TDP MLAs will break the whip and topple the government.

The Saffron Party is said to be convincing Jagan that in such case the elections will come early than expected which will make him the Chief Minister. Such attempts may also backfire as Public Sympathy may work out for Chandrababu in such case. So, Jagan is confused.