BJP Offers A Plum Post to Janasena?Janasena and BJP have joined hands together and announced that they will jointly contest all the elections till 2024 General Elections. The alliance got materialized all of sudden but sources say that talks are on about it behind the scenes ever since the elections.

Pawan Kalyan‘s Close-aide, Nadendla Manohar’s Father and former Chief Minister Nadendla Bhaskar Rao joined BJP a few months ago. The channel for talks was opened back then. Sources say that Nadendla will be rewarded for this. He is likely to be taken into the Union Cabinet.

Both BJP and Janasena do not have strength in Andhra Pradesh to nominate their candidate for the Upper House and so, the Saffron Party had to nominate him from other state. If this happens, it will be Janasena’s first ever Proper Representation as its sole MLA, Rapaka Vara Prasad is dancing to the tunes of YSR Congress.

The Cabinet Expansion is likely to happen after the Budget Session of the Parliament. The Budget Session of the Parliament will commence on January 31st and will conclude on April 3 with a recess in between. The First phase of the session to be held from January 31st to February 11th and second phase from March 2nd to April 3rd.