BJP Kambhampati Haribabu - somu VeerajuReports are emerging that Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State Units of BJP have sent reports to their central party that the Central government should not consider increasing the Assembly seats in both the states before 2019 elections. They reportedly see no benefit from BJP in this move and only TDP, TRS to benefit.

The party units on both the sides do not have presence in the present number of constituency and can not even field candidates in all the constituencies when contested alone and so they said not to consider increase in seats. Both TRS and TDP are admitting more leaders of other parties with the hope of delimitation to accommodate them.

However this move may back fire on BJP if they still go in alliance for 2019 elections. Only up on the delimitation, they can demand for more seats for 2019 elections or else they have to again settle down to contest in meager number of seats. So Central government is cautious over taking a final decision on this.