JP_Nadda_Chandrababu_NaiduThere have been several reports pertaining to the alliance between TDP and BJP in the recent past. And here’s one latest development that adds more impetus to this narrative.

For the first time ever, TDP has played a decisive a role and in turn led to winning a significant election outside of the Telugu states.

Incidentally, TDP and BJP have together won the municipal elections in Andaman Nicobar.

This happened after BJP and Congress won 10 seats each in the recently held election while TDP won 2. With support from TDP, BJP has formed an alliance and won the election. This is a significant political development outside of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

What’s more interesting is that BJP national president JP Nadda specifically mentioned the TDP-BJP alliance in his tweet.

“Congratulations to the BJP-TDP alliance on this impressive victory in the Port Blair Municipal Council election. Your hard work & dedication for the people of Port Blair have paid off & this victory is a testament to the trust that the people have in PM @narendramodi Ji’s vision.” Nadda tweeted.

With BJP specifically making it a point to mention the alliance, it has now become a hot topic as there’s a discussion on whether BJP is also looking to forge an alliance with TDP in the Telugu states as well.

JP nadda Tweet