BJP moving towards TRS in TG
While the alliance of BJP and TDP is still in air, it is said that BJP is moving towards TRS in the Telangana region. It is said that once TRS rubbished merger with Congress, few RSS leaders came all the way to Hyderabad and met KCR. They reportedly asked KCR to consider alliance with BJP in the upcoming elections. They also reminded him that BJP helped Telangana bill pass in the parliament and also asserted that it is NDA which is going to come to power in the elections.

The leaders are also made sure that they will not asking for many assembly seats in the region but asked for preference to be given for Parliament seats of the region. However, KCR turned down the offer and hinted that TRS is looking to go single for the elections. He also assured them that TRS will be backing BJP to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister once the elections complete.