BJP MLA To Complain To Central Govt About Bigg Boss Show!Telangana BJP Goshamahal MLA Raja Singh has fired on Bigg Boss Telugu show. He had demanded that the show should be banned immediately in the name of creating differences between Andhra and Telangana in Hyderabad.

“We do not know what is happening in Bigg Boss house. The show producers should reveal what has happened in the case of Anchor Ravi. They are trying to bring Andhra Telangana divide in peaceful Hyderabad. It should be banned immediately,” Raja Singh demanded.

“Children and women are unable to watch the show. It should be censored before Telecast. I will very soon write a letter to the Union Home Ministry to ban the show”, the MLA threatened. Bigg Boss is always at the center of controversies in every language. It was relatively calm in Telugu this season but it has started now.

It has to be seen if this snowballs into a big controversy. Meanwhile, the show is nearing completion and there are only five contestants in the house right now.