BJP Making A Mockery of Democracy: RajinikanthSuperstar Rajinikanth has recently announced his arrival into Politics and will be contesting the coming General Elections. But for some reason, many criticize Rajinikanth as a puppet of BJP and the Saffron Party’s Secret Ticket to foray into Tamil Politics.

But then, Rajinikanth has now voiced his opinion against BJP‘s attempt to get to power in Karnataka. “What happened in Karnataka yesterday was a win for democracy. BJP asking for some more time & Governor giving 15 days time was a mockery of democracy. I would like to thank Supreme Court for its order, which upheld the democracy (sic),” he said in Chennai.

In a recent survey by a National Newspaper, Narendra Modi Government has least approval ratings in Tamil Nadu among all the states in the country. Is that the reason for Thalaivar going against BJP now? Only Time Will Tell.