BJP Let Go Hopes on Andhra Pradesh?Post the announcement of Special Package, Andhra Pradesh BJP leaders who are aggressively going after TDP government got silenced suddenly. Leaders like Purandhareeswari, Kavuri and Somu Veerraju have totally gone missing. That indicates that BJP is in no mood of messing up with TDP and the high command instructed its leaders to cooperate with the alliance partner.

On the other side, Vellampalli Srinivas who contested on BJP ticket for Vijayawada West in the last elections resigned to the party and is contemplating to join YSR Congress. He declared that it will be difficult to fight for the people against TDP government being in BJP and is so resigning for the party.

That speaks volumes about BJP‘s strategy for Andhra Pradesh. Vellampalli was elected as an MLA from Praja Rajyam and later became a Congress MLA after the merger. He joined BJP in the last minute before 2014 elections but lost to YSR Congress’ Jaleel Khan. After the elections, he is always vocal against the government.

Jaleel Khan recently joined TDP which makes things even tough for Vellampalli. There are several rumours about Purandhareeswari also joining YSR Congress anytime due to the same time but for now, she is adopting wait and see policy till the next elections to see how things pan out.