Congress and Telangana Rashtra Samiti is fighting with each other for the credit of bring Telangana state in to a reality. TRS claims that it fought all its life to make sure Telangana sentiment reverberated and finally mounted pressure on the government to grant the separate statehood. But on the other side, Congress claims that it sacrificed its interests in Seema Andhra region and granted the separate state against all odds.

Interestingly BJP has more role in the Telangana state formation than the other two parties. Congress do not have the numbers to move the Telangana Bill in Parliament. It is also not the case of a opposition party to help Congress in the issue where it may not get the sole credit. But keeping all the calculations aside, BJP ensured that it fully supports the Telangana Bill and moved it by helping Congress. But the party is not able to cash the benefits in the current elections. The party at least hopes that there will be a cross voting and that may help them win more Parliament seats even the Assembly gains gets divided between TRS and Congress.