BJP Helps TDP, Nullifies NTR's Gains!A week after Amit Shah met NTR in Hyderabad, BJP President JP Nadda is coming to Telangana and Young Hero Nithiin will be meeting him tomorrow at the same hotel as NTR.

NTR meeting Amit Shah has opened biggest political debates in Telugu politics. NTR is always connected to politics and the meeting gave rise to speculations that he is throwing his weight behind BJP while dumping TDP.

YSR Congress had feasted on the news to create more confusion in TDP camp by elevating NTR and degrading the Cycle Party.

The meeting has also helped NTR’s stature as it is not a simple issue for someone like Amit Shah meeting an actor.

But then, everything has changed with Nithiin’s JP Nadda meeting. BJP high command has helped TDP intentionally or unintentionally saying that they did not meet NTR with political intentions.

They also dented the advantage NTR has got with Amit Shah’s meeting indicating that it was just another meeting.