BJP Gets the Taste of Its Own Medicine by KCROpposition Unity is extremely crucial in Politics especially when there are strong governments like KCR’s in Telangana. But then, BJP in Telangana is not at all interested. It can not join with Congress for obvious reasons and Communists will not join BJP.

That leaves only TDP (TS). Telangana BJP is trying its level best to distance from TDP (TS) and break the alliance but in the process is becoming all alone. TRS government suspended TDP (TS) MLAs and did not allow them to the Special Sittings as well.

When TDP (TS) MLAs cried foul, BJP did not support them. Using the same rule, KCR government did not allow BJP MLAs for the Special Session on Land Bill Amendment. When BJP is foul crying now, obviously there are no one to hear them.