Pawan Kalyan AP BJP Candidates Joining Jana Sena PartyJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan has aired his intentions loud and clear about the 2019 election. Political Analysts are busy evaluating the effects of Pawan Kalyan in the upcoming election. And on the other side, with the emergence of new political force, there will be a realignment in the state politics very soon.

Buzz is that BJP may be the first victim. Some Political experts say that party is in for a big split as the leaders of the party especially those from Pawan Kalyan‘s Community are going to part BJP and join Jana Sena sooner or later. These leaders worked hard to bring BJP and Pawan Kalyan together in the last elections.

“They always thought BJP will have good days with Pawan Kalyan’s support but things have changed very fast. BJP no longer have a life support in the state and these leaders are ready to jump the fence. There will be casualties from YSR Congress as well and TDP will be the last victim because of being in Power,” a political analyst opined.