Ram Madhav and Muralidhara Rao Entrants into Union Cabinet?During the Sensitive Political Situation of State Bifurcation, Congress High Command used to deploy non-local leaders like Digvijay Singh who used to very casually and insensitively comment about everything and anything about Andhra and Telangana back then.

BJP seems to be taking the same route. Muralidhara Rao who belongs to Telangana is touring Andhra Pradesh and is making casual comments about what Center is doing to Andhra Pradesh and ridiculing the anti-BJP sentiment in the people.

Muralidhara Rao who is one of those unelectable leaders is taking about the alliances as well which will only make people averse to BJP. The saffron party can be almost sure that it has no future in Andhra Pradesh if there is no alliance with TDP.

With the dreams of becoming a significant force in AP and misguiding by anti-TDP leaders like Muralidhara Rao and Ram Madhav, BJP may be cutting the same branch on which it is sitting. We have seen how BJP did not make an impact in Kakinada Municipal Elections even though there is an alliance.