BJP Delays, Pawan Kalyan Anyways In No MoodBJP high command has changed its Chief Minister in Uttarakhand. The outgoing Chief Minister is not a member of the assembly and has to get elected in six months’ time. But then, BJP has changed the Chief Minister indicating that the by-election is not possible in the next six months’ time.

Some see this as a ploy to ensure that Mamatha Banarjee resigns in West Bengal as she lost from her own seat in recent elections and needs to get elected in six months’ time. The Election Commission may not conduct the by-election this year in the name of COVID.

This decision has become a blessing in disguise for Janasena and BJP in Andhra Pradesh. Badvel constituency (Kadapa District) is supposed to go for a by-election after the sitting YSR Congress MLA passed away. Both BJP and Janasena are not keen on the election fearing bitter defeat.

Both the parties over-estimated themselves in the recent Tirupati by-election and the BJP candidate ended up losing the deposit. Both Pawan Kalyan and Somu Veerraju are not ready to contest in Badvel. BJP and Janasena competed against each other to contest in Tirupati but both the parties are not ready to be in the fray for Badvel which is Chief Minister’s native district.

The humiliation is postponed due to the BJP high command’s decision and they are very much relieved.