BJP Defends Prabhas From KTRA while back, Telangana IT minister and TRS scion KTR made scathing remarks on BJP and even targeted Prabhas’s Adipurush. He said Adipurush is a propaganda film commissioned by BJP to propel Hindutva campaign.

Now, BJP Telangana chief Bandi Sanjay has come out to defend Prabhas and Adipurush.

“This KTR says BJP is involved with Adipurush and that shouldn’t happen. Adipurush is a great film based on the epic Ramayan. It revolves around Lord Rama.”

“If KTR doesn’t what films like these on our culture, what else does he want? Does he want to do films on his father KCR?” Bandi Sanjay said in a recent public meeting.

Incidentally, BJP is also standing by Prabhas in tough times. BJP bigwig Rajnath Singh is coming to Hyderabad today to offer condolences to Prabhas’s family over Krishnam Raju’s demise. Even Amit Shah is expected to meet Prabhas’s family soon.