Somu_Veerraju_JaganThe chief minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan has taken another big turn in connection with the capital of the state. He has announced that Vizag is the capital of AP and he too will be moving there soon.

Jagan’s comment on Vizag as the capital has caused an uproar on social media. And now, BP AP leadership has reacted to the same.

BJP AP wing chief Somu Veerraju came up with a contradictory statement in reaction to Jagan’s announcement.

“Amaravati should continue to be the capital of Andhra Pradesh. The BJP leadership firmly believes that Amaravati is the rightful capital of the state. The center has allotted over Rs 2500 crores for Amaravati’s development till now. Where did all this money go? Did Jagan allot at least even Rs 500 crore for Vizag?” Somu Veerraju stated.

While altering the capital of the state might be in the hands of the state government, it is impossible to fully develop one without support from the center. In this case, the center appears to be firmly against Jagan’s idea to shift the capital from Amaravati to Vizag.

But given the irrational mindset of YCP, this shouldn’t stop them from taking a U-turn on Amaravati as they set out on a strange voyage of their own regarding the capital.