BJP Cheated Andhra Pradesh or Cheating One More Time like Andhra PradeshBJP has gone back on its Special Status promise to Andhra Pradesh. It has been telling reasons like no more Special Status to any State, 14th Finance Commission recommendation etc. But then, the same party had promised Special Status to Puducherry in its Election Manifesto

The Manifesto is unveiled by none other than Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. BJP toppled the Congress Government in Puducherry and has forced an election. It has promised the Special Status to the Union Territory to come to Power.
People have been inferring that BJP either has cheated Andhra Pradesh previously or is going to cheat Puducherry as well in the name of Special Status. Incidentally, this has happened when Tirupati By-election is round the corner. AP BJP has been trying its level best to nullify the effect of the Special Status.

We can see AP BJP President Somu Veerraju posting several videos in support of the BJP’s stance on this issue.