BJP Already Rethinking About Alliance with JaganLast Week, Republic TV which was being funded by a BJP MP let out a news that BJP and YSR Congress are inching towards an alliance in Andhra Pradesh. The news spread like a wildfire. Incidentally, no BJP leader responded on that until Nandyal By-Election is complete.

Purandheshwari came out the other day and condemned the news. She went on to say that TDP and BJP are partners and will continue to do so. Condemnation after the election gives a feel if BJP is in two minds about the alliance given that Exit Polls suggest that TDP is winning the election.

Nandhyal By-Election Result on Monday will answer several important political questions in Andhra Pradesh. The election victory will emerge as a huge morale booster for whichever party wins the election. BJP will also decide its 2019 plan basing on this result.