Biodiversity Flyover Accident: Influential Driver Escapes LawThe memories of the Biodiversity Flyover accident are still fresh for everyone. A speeding car dashed off the flyover and killed a lady waiting for an auto under the flyover. According to the media reports, the driver, Kalvakuntla Krishna Milan Rao is a CEO of the Gaming Company and is also said to be a Relative of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao.

The Rich and Influential have their own ways to escape the law. Milan Rao joined a hospital to evade the arrest. He stayed there until the issue went away from Public memory and filed a petition in the High Court requesting a stay on his arrest. No surprises, he even managed to get the stay.

The grounds on which he got the stay are very interesting. His counsel argued in the court that the Flyover design is flawed and he is actual a victim due to the accident. There is no mention about the 104 KMPH Speed he is travelling when the accident occurred.

The Government Counsel did not oppose any of the arguments and only sought more time for the Government to come up with its arguments. Meanwhile, Krishna Milan Rao is left Scott free. In the whole episode, a family which suffered the loss of its family member finds itself stranded.