Bike-Costs-Rs-1-Lakh,-Reg.-No.-Costs-1-CroreUsually, a few people have this mad fascination towards fancy registrations numbers for their cars. But this around, a man from Himachal Pradesh has bid Rs 1 crore for a registration number for his bike.

In the capital of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, a man bid Rs 1,00,11,000 crore for the registration number HP 999999.

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What’s more interesting is that this fancy number isn’t even for his fancy car. It’s for a moped that he bought.

The cost of the bike itself is Rs 1 lakh. And the amount he bid for the said fancy number is Rs 1 crore which is 100X more than the actual cost of his bike.

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The big will be active till today evening, post which the man will have to pay the bid price and take the registration number.

Did he bid the amount by mistake or did he actually have the audacity to spend Rs 1 crore on the registration number for a bike that costs Rs 1 lakh? We shall see.

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