Amaravati, Amaravati Farmers Support Chandrababu Naidu,  Amaravati Farmers Stand By Chandrababu,  Amaravati Farmers Support TDPThe state government which is battling cases in National Green Tribunal got a shot in its arm as a society, Amaravati Rajadhani Sameekarana Raithu Samakhya filed an implied petition with the Tribunal. The society has over 7000 farmers as members and all of them have given lands for the capital.

They informed the tribunal that they have given lands voluntarily for the government and also alleged that the petitions in the Tribunal are only politically motivated. The society also submitted to the Tribunal the details of the plots they are going to get, annuity they are getting and the facilities offered to jobless labourers.

The society urged the Tribunal to grant all the necessary clearances to Amaravati as soon as possible as any delay would be detrimental to their benefit. It is known that Andhra Pradesh government had collected more than 30000 acres of land under the land pooling scheme which is considered as the biggest and non-controversial land acquisition for any project in Independent India.