Biggest Reward Ever to Catch Indian Killer in AustraliaThe reward is the largest in the history of Queensland and the parents of Toyla Cordingley hope that their daughter deserves for her killer to be brought to justice. A reward of $633,000 has been announced for anyone who will give information about the killer of Toyla.

The accused in the case happens to be Rajwinder Singh, 38, who returned to India after killing Toyla who was walking her dog on a tropical beach in Australia. Her body was found on Wangetti Beach in 2018.

Rajwinder who was working as a nurse in Australia four years back and used the passport of an Indian friend to return to India. He flew to Sydney from Cairns, the day after the murder and then flew back to India. While Queensland detectives have come to India to trace Rajwinder, they haven’t been able to grab him yet.

Both police and the parents of Toyla hope that the reward money of $633,000 will make people come out with the whereabouts of Rajwinder Singh. Toyla’s parents believe there are people who might have known Rajwinder and could lead the police to the murderer.