Big Relief To Indians Waiting For H1-B VisasThe festive season has brought cheer to many Indians following the good news given out by the US consulate. The Consulate is working towards reviving pre-Covid criteria for enabling visa facilities and will cut down the visa issuing time drastically in the coming months.

Every year, lakhs of Indians apply for US visas and it has become a tedious process of late as many applications have piled up due to Covid. The wait time will be like pre-Covid times inform the consulate authorities. As of now, many Indians have to wait for 9 months to get visa approval.

However, by the summer of 2023, the US government is hoping to issue visas much faster and give visas to 11 to 12 lakh people. Already, the consulate has identified those who had applied for H1-B visas, they have also marked out those who applied for HL visas. The consulate has also reviewed those who had applied for renewal and has issued 1 lakh slots. To make the process easier, the dropbox facility has been started, though B1 and B2 visas will still take 9 months.

At this point in time, the US issues the maximum number of visas to Mexicans followed by Chinese, and India comes in the third slot. However, a consulate spokesperson has clarified that soon, India will get to the second slot.