Benefit Indians: Canada Lifts Working Hours Limit To StudentsIn a rather practical move, the Canadian government has lifted the 20-hour limit a week for international students, making it easier for them to work off-campus, even as they pursue higher education.

It is indeed good news for Indian students. Previously, fearing deportation by authorities, many Indian students studying in Canada had to compromise on the number of hours they work to support their expenses and college fees. It is a known that many students work petrol pumps, restaurants, cofee shops etc.

Now because of this new rule, students need not worry about doing ‘illegal’ part-time jobs with the fear of getting caught. The new system gives them the legal option to work more hours.

With the Canadian dollar becoming costly due to the rupee falling badly when compared to the US dollar, the move will help 2,40,000 international students who are already in Canada to pursue their higher studies.

For now, the restriction has been lifted temporarily from November 15 to December 31, 2022, to deal with the humungous labor shortage. The catch is that the option applies to students studying full-time.