Big & Never Before Opportunity For TDPIt is known to our readers that former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has vowed not to go to the state assembly until he is back in the CM chair after insult to his wife in the house. Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh assembly is sitting for the Budget session from March 7th.

There are discussions whether the remaining MLAs should attend the house in the absence of the leader. Buzz is that Naidu is keen on having them go to the house. Previously, NTR also boycotted the assembly but still TDP MLAs attended the assembly sessions.

If at all, the remaining MLAs attend the session, it will be a huge help for TDP. Whenever Chandrababu is in the house, the politics revolves around him. The other leaders rarely get an opportunity to make it count. It will also be a fresh change for TDP.

But then, the big question is that whether the ruling party will really any sane discussion or debate in the house so that some one can really shine.