Big Jolt For ys Jagan Govt Court Slashes Ticket Rates GOAndhra Pradesh High Court has struck down G.O. No 35 which restricts the ticket rates in the state. The court also clarified that the petitioners will have the freedom to decide rates for new movies according to the old system. The complete details are yet to emerge.

A few theater owners have challenged the Government’s decision in court. Senior advocates, Adinarayana Rai and Durga Prasad have argued the case. The petitioners have argued in the court that they have the right to set rates for new films.

They also told that the court that the Government can not impose untenable rates on them and make their business unviable. The High Court has agreed with the petitioners and slashed the G.O. This has come as a big jolt to Jagan Government who has gone an extra length to torment the industry which is already struggling to recover from the Pandemic impact.

Pushpa will be the immediate beneficiary of this ruling followed by the Sankranthi releases. Hopefully, the Government will stop the issue here itself and do not resort to more tricks in the trade to haunt the industry.