Big Difference Between Nani Bigg Boss & NTR Bigg Boss

Big-Difference-Between-Nani-Bigg-Boss-&-NTR-Big-BossHow is Nani as a host of ‘Bigg Boss 2’? The TRPs of the television show are yet to be released and then we’ll get to know the TRP of Nani’s ‘Bigg Boss 2’, as well. But according to the buzz on the social media, one can see a sea difference between the two seasons. The reason is NTR.

The big difference is about the contestants. Whenever there was an elimination, the eliminated contestants gave a lot of interviews as celebrities but none of them spoke against the host or ill about the show. Sanjana who was eliminated in the first week itself is giving a different opinion on the show and the host.

She mocked Nani for his hosting skills and of course, she claims that she is NTR’s fan as the reason for not liking Nani as a host. Sanjana also spoke low about the show standards. With the low buzz on the social media, will this explosive mindset and viewpoint of the eliminated contestant help to gain at least some publicity for the show? Let’s see.

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