Big Blow for BJP!

BJP has a very limited presence in Andhra Pradesh. There are very bleak chances for the party to open its account with out any alliance. But Andhra Pradesh issue had tarnished BJP and its Prime Minister Candidate Narendra Modi’s image across the nation. BJP is projecting Modi as a man with magic wand across the nation. But the wand failed to show its power in the Telangana tangle. Despite being in a better position to come into power, BJP bleakly submitted into the hands of Congress while passing the bill in Lok Sabha.

Modi fans in Seemandhra and across the nation are not able to digest the fact BJP did not even press for amendments to the bill. BJP almost became political untouchable in Seemandhra region as people feel the party ditched it after raising hopes of at least getting good packages and assurances.

The biggest blow is yet to come. If Telugu Desam Party opts not to have an alliance with BJP. Chandrababu Naidu may use his good office to distant other regional parties from aligning with BJP. If he brings up the issue of making Mamata or Jayalalita as Prime Minister with third front, BJP may well have to support the front if it fails to get majority on its own. We will have to see how Modi manages to come out of this issue!