Telangana Andhra split map photo image

The recent Union Government’s directive to impart Law and Order responsibilities of Hyderabad to the Governor have several severe constitutional violations. The experts are of the opinion that the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill is an ill-conceived and ill-drafted act by any means will not have legal sancity. First of all, a city or province can not be a common capital of two states until it is a Union Territory which is certainly not the case with Hyderabad.

Secondly, allotting any special powers to the Governor except those prescribed in the constitution will need a constitutional amendment. If there is a constitutional amendment required than the Parliament has to pass with two-thirds majority and now it is the turn of the Supreme Court to decide if there is a violation of the constitution involved in it.

The Telangana government should also be cautious in approaching the Supreme Court in this issue. If the attempt gets backfired, the Center may end up making Hyderabad the eighth Union territory of the country which will again be a self goal for the state government. We will have to see how the state government and the central government handles this sensitive issue!