Biden Signs Gun Control BillThe US President, Mr. Joe Biden, has introduced a stricter gun control law in the parliament. As per the reports, the law is named “the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act,” and the representatives in the house approve the bill unanimously.

After witnessing close to 250 gun shootings in public places across the country this year, the government decided to bring the law mentioned above into existence.

Speaking in the house after signing the bill, Joe Biden said that the act was brought to safeguard the lives of citizens and acclaimed it as a historic achievement by his team. As per the guidelines mentioned in the law, guns should not be sold to citizens below 21 years old.

According to the law, there will be stricter background checks for buyers younger than 21. The law finally closes the boyfriend loophole, referring to a provision that bans all those convicted of domestic abuse from owning firearms. Previously, the restriction only applied to those who were married to their victims or lived with them.

The act also offers incentives to those states that would pass laws allowing guns to be confiscated, temporarily, from individuals deemed too dangerous to possess them by a judge.